Logitech Formula Force GP. Thrustmaster Modena Page As with the Modena Pro, there is an extra gear shift on the right and two d-pads for views. Four dpi Scanners. There are the same four levers at the back as on the other wheels made by this brand.

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Four dpi Scanners. A Good Feedgack, Continued Page 4: A Good Wheel, Continued Page 5: Like the other wheels of this make, XP installation is no problem. Subscribe to our newsletter. Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel. Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel Page This is definitely a strongly built wheel you can ill-treat without fear. Saitek R, Continued Page The effects are thrustmaster force feedback gt racing wheel powerful and precise racinh.

Thrustmaster Modena Page The leviathan’s innards The inside is splendid.

But the wheel’s precision is not as good as on the non-force models. The force feedback is Immersion 2, so you can adjust the strength of centering, which is a good thing. It’s time that Thrustmaster came out with a new one. Force Feedback Page 6: The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.

The gear-wheel system is firmly fixed by a thrustmster plate and axis play kept right down. Thrustmaster Modena Pro Page But this is a really superb, all-rubber wheel, excellent to hold and touch. The whole thing inspires confidence.

PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

fredback Force Feedback, Continued Page 7: The upright pedals are not the most ergonomically designed ever, but the travel is long enough, though a bit slack to my taste. Logitech Formula GP Page The old-fashioned potentiometer is also huge.

Twelve 19″ CRT Monitors. Logitech Formula Force GP. Microsoft Precision Wheel, Continued.

Thrustmaster – Technical support website

fkrce The clamp system is not too good and you have to be careful to wet the suction pads to hold them down thrustmaster force feedback gt racing wheel order to keep the leviathan still when you are in the thick of things. It’s impressive, that’s for sure – big and heavy, to the detriment of its looks.

Generally speaking, when precision is needed in fedback, this wheel is not too happy. The inside is splendid. A Good Wheel Page 3: Thrustmaster Modena Pro.

Microsoft Precision Wheel, Continued Page 9: As with the Modena Pro, there is an extra gear shift on the right and two d-pads for views. For rally and arcade games, this doesn’t matter, but for Formula 1 it’s not so good.