If your ODBC application attempts to use the incorrect type of data source, a “Data source name not found and no default driver specified” error is returned. Log on as root user. The direct connection to DB2 enables developers to deploy new business solutions without requiring specialized host skills. If the packages are created and bound successfully, the summary output will look similar to the following:. The instructions may need to be modified to be appropriate for the hardware and software that has been installed and configured within a particular organization. Steps 3 and 4 below may be performed at the same time or even step 4 before step 3. This user may also require Windows administrative authority in order to install StarAdmin.

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The following topics are addressed in these Release Notes. This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as “point releases” between major releases of the StarSQL for Windows software.

I solved by myself. Issue is solved after updating the driver. This section provides information about problems or enhancements that are made available as “point releases” and major releases of the StarSQL for UNIX software. Provide database connectivity information to the Client-Platform Administrator to be used in step 5d.

Perform the tasks in the order described, noting that some of the steps provide information used in subsequent steps. The registration key will be used in step 3 to obtain a temporary license valid for 15 days and the download links will be used in steps below.


Documentation Resources

The information in technical documents comes without any warranty or applicability for a specific purpose. This behavior differs from versions of StarSQL prior to v5. Provide the Client-Platform Administrator with the following client license configuration information, to be used in step 5c: System Administrator is someone with authority to install the StarLicense network license service on a platform that is accessible to the computer to be used in conjunction with StarSQL.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If the computer running the StarQuest software has access to the Internet, follow the Online Licensing Instructions below.

StarSQL System Requirements

Users who are upgrading an existing installation should refer to the Release Notes for upgrade considerations and the StarSQL starql Windows User’s Guide for upgrade instructions. As you use the StarSQL software, refer to the product documentation for more information. After the installation is complete, click Finish.

From the File menu, choose Close Database and then Exit. Read the complete document before starting your installation.

Provide database connectivity information to the Client-Platform Administrator to be used in step 4c. Click OK to close the license utility.

Star sql ODBC driver- Displays database names as garbled text – Stack Overflow

Direct access, multiple application frameworks, gateways, and Linked Server access are supported. To successfully complete this section, you will need the following StarLicense server information from the System Administrator, obtained in step 3.


A warning is generated when the substitution occurs, which may be problematic for certain applications that are not anticipating this warning. From a computer that has access to the Internet, click on or browse to the following URL: Click the Finished button to return to the main dialog.

Otherwise perform the steps in the order described. StarQuest products require a valid license for evaluation purposes.

The same individual or a combination of individuals must be capable of performing in the following three roles in order to successfully complete the evaluation. Click Next to step through the Wizard panes, specifying the database connectivity parameter values obtained by the DB2 Administrator in step 3.

This person must also have a set of DB2 user credentials to test the database connectivity. You may ignore this message. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Note that it is important to specify the correct driver name in File data sources or in DSN-less connection strings. Proceed to step 4b to request a temporary license key.

If the installation script reports that a suitable version of the unixODBC driver manager is already installed, starsqk to step 5c.