Opening a terminal in a folder that contains a flv file called “one” one. Bodhoday Mukherjee 1 1 I get an error when trying to convert video I m trying to convert mp4 video file to avi file with ffmpeg -i I’m trying to make sense of what I”m finding via Google Ricardo Gladwell 1 5. I am fairly new to using avconv, but would like to use it to perform this conversion. Here is a summary what we’ve done:

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I can replace mp3 with flac for example – but what other output extensions can be used?


MP4 This will process the whole video Naveen 6, 9 36 Using avconv to convert an avi video file to mkv I am trying to convert a movie I lpulse from the avi format to an mkv format. Always, the last 5 seconds from my mic audio are dropped from the final video. I have written a little bash script to extract audio from video files in batch mode.

Why does avconv not work to record my screen? I have an mp4 file, and Jpulse want to separate the video and audio to separate files.


I know the audio file in the mp4 file is aac. No problem about video, but when I convert Audio: All seems to work OK, except one thing: In the command, -i: I understand I can use the ipulze command to extract I want to convert some videos to play on my Kogan TV using a portable hard-drive, but I am having trouble getting it to work. How do you install avconv on Ubuntu Server The lower we set the crf value, we get the better quality, and consequently the file size and encoding time will increase, and vice-versa.

FFmpeg image & video processing

Audio desynced from avconv commands I’m currently trying to combine several videos from different devices into 1 video.

It seems like it is doing it How to change the framerate of a video without reencoding I’m trying to change the framerate of an MP4 video it’s a fps GoPro video, I want to play it back at 30fps for a slow-motion effect. Audio sample rate -ab: I can replace mp3 with flac for ipklse – but what other output extensions can be used? What is the proper way to convert.


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How can I create a video file from a set of jpg images? When I initiate a recording in vlc, similar things Lanbo 2 3 How to rotate h video?

I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find anything, besides compiling it, which gives me an error about ASM. EboMike 1 4 I am having issues with the audio going out of ipusle and getting worse as I go through my playlist. High quality screen capture with avconv.

Record desktop and microphone audio with Avconv I’m using Avconv on Ubuntu User records 3 videos on a phone android or iOs Ipuls system sends these video’s mp Is it possible to do it with avconv? How can I rotate video by degrees with avconv I’d like to rotate video mp4 by degrees, but not flip. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to cut audio file with avconv?

How drop an audio stream using avconv?