Page Mac OS Click OK or Yes until you complete creating. Setting Graphic Properties Setting Graphic Properties Use the following Graphic options to adjust the print quality for your specific printing needs. The pages will stack on the top output tray. Using an existing Watermark To change the print settings from your software application, access the printer properties. The ML takes up a small inch square on your workdesk, standing just 7.

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In the Overlays window, click Create Overlay. Your printer supports paper weight as follows: Make sure that all mml the paper is properly aligned in the tray. The Samsung ML is a lot of printer for the price. ml 1740 printer

See the image below for clearance space. The ppm, dpi engine yields both fast performance and better-than-usual photo quality for the price.

Troubleshooting Error Messages When the printer experiences an error, the control panel ml 1740 printer indicate an error message with the indicator lights. To print the prknter completely, please, download it. Ml 1740 printer quality earned a rating of somewhat-better-than-good, with more than half of the fonts we tested easily readable at 5 points and some readable at 4 points.

Select ml 1740 printer job you want to cancel. User manual user manual ver. Page 66 Select the page order, if necessary.

You can use any size paper that fits easily within the paper adjusters of the paper feeder.

Printing On Preprinted Paper Printing on Preprinted Paper Preprinted ml 1740 printer is paper that has some type of printing placed on it before it is sent through the printer paper that has prinfer preprinted logo at prnter top of the page, for example. Page Printing a Document When you print with a Macintosh computer, you need to check the printer software setting in each application you use.

Capacity may vary depending on media weight and thickness, and environ- ml 1740 printer conditions. Should I put in the ML or still put in P1?


Left then Down then Down Left 4. If it is not firmly closed, printing errors may occur when you print. When the Terminal screen appears, type in: To ml 1740 printer the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Skip to the next step. The basic print settings are selected within the Print window.

Printer Driver For Samsung ML – Printer Driver In Computer

Page 78 In the Overlays window, click Create Overlay. Output quality is best described as less-than-ideal, but is ml 1740 printer good enough for most purposes and appropriate for the resolution. Page 73 Description True-Type Printerr This option determines what the driver tells the printer about how to image the text in your document. For further details, see page 4. For Mac OS Maintaining the Toner Cartridge Using Print Materials This prinyer will help you understand types of paper you can use with this printer and how to properly load paper in the tray for the best print quality.

Samsung ML 1740 User Manual

Double-click the West folder. Cut with sharp blades with no visible fray. We tape-recorded small efficiency ratings for the ML Page The Samsung Laser Printer installer window opens.

All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Be careful not to touch the surface, especially for children. Table Of Contents Chapter 5: