Not very professional of 3M! Wednesday, October 14, 3: Please let me know what I need to do! Don’t you think this is a really bad precedent to set? For those interested in the upgrade. Even if you manually start the tablet PC service and you fool the PC into believing you have a touchscreen, the machine will still read the touchscreen input as if it were a mouse.

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3M Touch Systems and Displays

Keep in mind that you need a multitouch compliant Hardware in order to get really full and true Multitouch. Hi Windows 7 does include the extensibility for touch enabled hardware, however the drivers and software to enable these functions are the responsibility of the hardware manufacturer.

I would be very grateful if you could send me an email, or add me to your que. From what I can gather, Windows 7 treats mouse and finger inputs differently likely to allow both to work at the same time and to give a more consistent user experience. Hello, have anybody some new informations about the release of MT 7. What’s the best way to get in contacts.

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This slim profile construction can eliminate the need for an aftermarket custom bezel which not only reduces costs, but also preserves the original industrial design from the display manufacturer. The DSTDX system is a versatile touch solution and comes without the limitations of competitive touch products, highlighted by its ability to be oriented in portrait, landscape, and tabletop positions without recalibration.


In addition, the DSTDX system offers stylus independence and gives users the ability to interact with the touchscreen using virtually any object, including finger, fingernail, prosthetic, car key or other stylus.

This simply doesn’t help solve the issue raised in this forum. Thanks for the Answers and sorry for my bad English. I am using it in combination with Windows 7, and I am dts interested in upgrading, and if needed beta-testing.

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3M MicroTouch Touchscreen Kiosk Drivers

I really hope that 3m get to this as this issue is affecting me too. Tuesday, February 2, Don’t you think this is a really bad precedent to set? Sunday, June 28, 4: The Online Industrial Exhibition.

det Monday, September 21, 9: First – you CAN force windows to ‘believe’ you have a tablet pc device installed: Monday, June 29, 4: Wednesday, October 14, 3: This is the firmware that was tested to windows 7. For those interested in the upgrade.

Resources for IT Professionals. Well it’s seems Dave was left in the cold as well by 3M.


Hope to hear from you soon. You know, you just know, that companies all over the world are going to be creating touch devices made for windows 7 with terrible driver support. Friday, October 16, 2: Final update – an email I microtoch today from 3M: Still not showing anything for download on the 3mtouch.

It’s not a big thing to do, however without this it leaves those of us with legacy touchscreens very frustrated – as the 3m chap said, they’re now glorified mice.

Wednesday, July 1, 5: Not an IT pro? In short, the only way to reasonably go is to wait for the drivers and for the manufacturer to create an output and device profile that Windows 7 will accept.

At this point of time it would not make sense and too late to add you to a Beta testing group as the development should be finalized. Not very professional of 3M!