The V cordless mouse and receiver combo is easy to live with and works extremely well. It makes a very small clicking noise when scrolling, which didn’t bother us. Why not use the scroll wheel as a middle click? The V Nano performed very well overall. The battery compartment and alternative storage for the receiver.

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Slide the mouse up onto the dock and it automatically shuts loigtech mouse off and holds it logitech v550 place on the lid of the laptop.

This type of scroll wheel has been seen before in the MX logitech v550 VX Revolution mice and can be quite useful lpgitech zipping to the top or bottom of long pages and spreadsheets. There’s also a corded USB extension stand for the Nano receiver to plug into for use with a desktop machine. You clean the surface of the notebook, peel the tape from the back of the Clip-and-Go dock, then apply logitech v550 to your notebook. logitech v550

Logitech V mouse debuts

A lightweight mouse is a plus, as well. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Since logitech v550 V is constantly clipped to the Clip-and-Go dock the bottom of the mouse logitech v550 always rubbing against the hard plastic nipple on the the Clip-and-Go dock. The back end of the mouse curves up slightly to rest comfortably in the palm of the hand. Logitechh Clip-and-Go dock is basically just a hard plastic tab with 3M tape on logitech v550 side.

The overall design of the mouse is clean and modern-looking, but we can’t imagine clipping the mouse to the dock and then trying to place it in a notebook sleeve or padded case. Why not use the scroll wheel as a middle click?


Logitech V550 Nano Laser Mouse for Notebooks Review

Although there are smaller mouse designs on the market, none of the smaller mice have such a convenient way to store your mouse with the notebook. The Logitech V Nano packs impressive performance and convenience into olgitech tiny mouse. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. Review Notebook mice logitech v550 offer more control and comfort than a touchpad or pointing stick, but it’s easy to understand why many people never bother to invest logitech v550 one.

Logitech v550 has made some ground in the notebook market by introducing a pair of interesting characteristics with their notebook mice.

For frequent travelers, the Clip-and-Go dock isn’t the best option. Notebook mice certainly offer more control and comfort than a touchpad logitefh pointing stick, but it’s easy to understand why many people never bother logitech v550 invest in one.

logitech v550

The battery compartment and alternative storage for the receiver. Despite the compact size of the V, the mouse is powered logitech v550 two standard AA batteries rather than two AAA batteries 5v50 are logitech v550 found in smaller mice. The V Nano’s distinguishing feature is the Clip-and-Go dock, a little square with a round nub in the center.

You can change your settings at any time. Visit our network of sites: Just leave it plugged into the notebook and remember to bring the mouse with you when you travel. Logitech’s new V Nano mouse attempts to address this issue logitech v550 providing a home for your mouse when it’s logitech v550 in use–a hook on which to hang it.


Companies are always searching for creative ways logitech v550 market mice to notebook users. However, without the software you will be unable to customize the buttons. The mouse worked fine out of the box, but downloading Logitech’s SetPoint driver added horizontal scrolling and the ability to switch among documents using the Document Flip button. The MicroGear alloy scroll wheel allows for hyper-fast page scrolling. While the V Nano mouse is certainly impressive in its own right, the real story is the Nano receiver and the Clip-and-Go dock.

The old VX Nano has an estimate logitech v550 life of six months while the new V has an estimated battery life up to 18 months with average use. Beneath the scroll wheel is a one-touch search button for rapid Google searches.

For a notebook mouse, the V Nano felt logitech v550 in our hand for a while but became uncomfortable after a few hours of use. You never need to remove the receiver! The horizontal scrolling was equally smooth and quick. When you first remove the Nano receiver from the packaging it hardly looks like a USB receiver at all. As pictured below, the receiver just looks like logitech v550 USB plug with a tiny piece of black plastic on the end.