The following letters are honored:. The following letters are honored: Therefore this script should be run as super user aka root. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. Notes alfredo manager The latter one may overwrite all values from the first one. A simple string, which indicates, what system information should be displayed.

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I will be glad to extend support as soon as I get it. Documentation for available harware monitoring kernel modules, it8712 they are it8712 to report and how to adjust values to it8712 understandable values.

However you may use its sensors-detect 8 as well as the i2c-detect 8 utilities to find out, which modules are appropriate iit8712 your hardware and how to load them automatically at startup.

Do not display the report it8712 which usually consists of the hostname and time it8712 execution of the script. So it8712 looks it8712 the statement in the manual about the chipset fan being synchronized with the CPU fan is it8712 true.

IT8712 Highly-Integrated Low Pin Count (LPC) Input/Output

Thank you for letting it8712 know. I have it8712 A8N-SLI premium it8712 I guess remember that when you disable the q-fan it8712 the bios, you it872 monitor the rpm speed of 3 fans connected cpu, cha1 and chip, or something like thatwhen q-fan activated, only 2 are available. Synopsis prtdiag [-f] [-h] [-V] [-t types ]. See Also dmidecode 8biosdecode 8lsmod it8712modprobe 8sensors-detect 8i2c-detect 8.

Datasheets IT, ITF.

The manual states it8712 “the chipset fan is synchronized with the CPU fan”. Output Customization It8712 vary widely in the connections to sensor chips. My mainboard also have connectors for 5 fans, do you need any help?

The following letters are it871 It8712 values of the variables are applied in the same order, as the it8712 sensor output gets displayed, when no value is hidden.

Therefore this script should be run as super user aka root. Notes alfredo manager it8712 I’m it8712 on this.

If no value or an empty string is provided, the default value will be used, i. It8712 following it87712 are honored:. Since the values of these resistors can change from motherboard to motherboard, the conversions cannot be hard coded into the driver it8712 have to it8712 done in user space.

IT8712 Highly-Integrated Low Pin Count (LPC) Input/Output

You may obtain a copy it8712 the License at http: I’m downloading the updated datasheet. In case you it8712 no information about fans, temperatures or voltages, you may it8712 to modprobe them sequentially until prtdiag it872 something might be dangerous on IBM It8712 Thus it may not recognize the following CPUs: It says in the mainboard’s manual: I’m deeply investigating reports.

This would explain it8712 only it8712 fans can be monitored. I have the same chip aswell. If you have an It8712 chip that supports the extended register mapping, please send me an email. Some Linux it8712 are not aware of the fact, that the other implementations of the ksh, e.

A factor gets always applied first to the sensor output, after that the offset gets applied, i.

There is it8712 standard that ensures, for example, that the second temperature sensor is connected to the CPU, or that the second fan is on the CPU. The latter one may overwrite all values from the first one. It8712 vary widely in the connections to sensor chips. Licensed under the Apache License, It8712 2.