And sections can be put in any order in an INF file. Comparing the output of the USB Camera before and after loading the filter shows that there is not much visible change. WDM Streaming is a kernel-mode solution to the general problem of synchronizing the rendering of large volumes of data in as close to real time as possible in Win98 and Win NT environments. Create dispatch routine is implemented as pass through except some debugging information is printed. The use of unique identifiers for method sets allows custom driver extensions to be created that do not conflict with other custom extensions.

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Pointer to another driver’s device object, such as a pointer returned by a preceding call to IoGetDeviceObjectPointer. The pin property set would give information such as the number of pins supported and their instances, pin types, pin dataflow, the type of communication, data ranges and interfaces.

Other filters can attach their own filter device objects above the SourceDevice in the stack. Simple Packet – Filter Firewall.

IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStackSafe function

The Stream Class interface is a set ioattchdevicetodevicestack function calls between the class driver and the minidriver. Components of WDM Streaming WDM Streaming Library comprises of functions and structures used to connect kernel mode streaming components, stream data and synchronize data streams.

The second variable KsIdentifier. A master clock is represented by a file object just like any filter in WDM Streaming architecture, and filters can use that file object to perform operations on the master clock. However, the filter driver cannot call this function and handle the Ioctl. Creating unnamed device also works. The steps involved here are as follows:. IoGetDeviceObjectPointer routine returns a pointer to the top object in the named device object’s stack and a pointer to the corresponding file object, if the requested access to the objects can be granted.


A bus driver detects a iiattachdevicetodevicestack of hardware. In this method, the value of a pixel changes with respect to its surrounding pixel values. One personality is for Windows 98; the other is for Windows And the major function table should be filled with the address of a routine named DispatchAny that would pass any random request down the ioahtachdevicetodevicestack.

Kernel-mode streaming can be achieved with the help of several components provided by WDM Streaming This environment is made up of clients running in non-kernel mode and components running in kernel mode.

WDM Filter Driver : USB Video Streaming Filter Driver : Window Management Instrumentation

These results show that the Overall performance is appreciable. The code is basically for understanding purposes and doesn’t handle IRP pending and few other cases. A filter driver has a DriverUnload and an AddDevice function like any other driver.

Implementation of Streaming Filter Driver using the above specified method relieves burden faced by programmers in writing a WDM Filter Driver for an existing Function device. Filter Drivers work by attaching their device objects to a device object created by the lower level driver. Presentation times are synchronized to a master clock reference time. Basically, it can be seen that we’re propagating a few flag bits, the DeviceType, the Characteristics value, and the buffer alignment requirements from the device object next beneath us.


The quality management functions are shared between the non-kernel ioattxchdevicetodevicestack clients and the kernel ioattachdevicetodevucestack drivers.

This article is for developers who want to start with Windows kernel filter drivers for the first time and want to experiment with a simple example with source code. Of the functions provided by the library, the non-kernel mode clients use filter connection functions and control functions, while the kernel mode drivers functions for connections, streaming and synchronization.

A master clock is an integral part of stream synchronization. IoSetCompletionRoutine registers the specified routine to be called when the next-lower-level driver has completed the requested operation in any or all of the following ways: It also indicates that the pin can once again pass data to its previous connection, even if data had been rejected in a prior attempt.

The presentation time on a stream need not start at zero, but must always progress. There are no open issues.

Winprogger | IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack gotcha

The major difference is that a filter driver must install dispatch routines for every type of IRP, not just for the types of IRP it expects to handle. It controls the rate of reference ioattachdevicftodevicestack within a group of filters, and is used by filters to synchronize presentation times. Register one or more device interfaces so that applications know about the existence of the device.