The Fusion Technology FT combines a Forged Compostie head with a titanium face that feels very good and provides a nice crisp impact sound at impact. Compared to a variety of other current drivers the Optiforce clubhead speed was around 2 mph faster, which according to the FlightScope Data from our friends at Leading Edge , resulted in an extra 4 mph ball speed and an extra 10 yards carry. The driver comes in two head sizes, cc and cc, and also has the option of a heavier 62g shaft. Overall I would have to say that the Callaway Optiforce delivers in all areas and lives up to its claims. There are no gimmicks here and the adjustability mechanism is simple to use.

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The OptiFit adjustable hosel is only the second version we have seen that uses two adjustable rings optiorce change lie and loft. I would like to give the Optiforce driver full marks as I do ft optiforce 460cc playing with it, but ft optiforce 460cc couple of things hold me back. They’re made of really cheap plastic, and I’ve broken two already, and they’re a little pricey to replace.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver 460cc RH 10.5 Graph 6

Either way it takes a little optiiforce used to, but persevere as the smaller head is more forgiving than it looks. The final piece of the Optiforce designed involved further reducing the club’s weight by pairing it with premium, lightweight shaft options.

The cc version can also be distinguished by the red graphic around the back of the sole. With slightly more forgiveness than the X Hot driver and a high ball flight, the latest evolution of the FT or Fusion Technology range brings a re-engineered head ft optiforce 460cc with a very lightweight shaft to the market. Two stock shafts have been chosen specifically to lower the weight of the driver without compromising stability or performance: As is the case with many of Callaway’s drivers, the FT Optiforce driver is offered in a cc first row left and cc second row left head design.


The Optiforce uses both rings to combine to give a neutral ft optiforce 460cc draw setting that can be adjusted done one degree ft optiforce 460cc up one or two degrees.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver cc RH Graph 6 | eBay

Getting professionally fitted before buying is therefore a must ft optiforce 460cc get the best set up for your swing. Nonetheless, I still love this driver,and am considering buying another one as a opticorce.

The smaller head of the cc Optiforce does look more compact than most other drivers, which could be due to the tall face and crown or the fact the longer ft optiforce 460cc makes it seem a little further away.

It’s great looking, and feels great at impact, optiforfe flushing a forged 7 iron.

Ft optiforce 460cc as you would expect, the shot dispersion was fractionally wider in our ft optiforce 460cc as longer shafts can be harder to control, even though the Project X is better than most other longer shafts I have tried.

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page ft optiforce 460cc approved. The forgiveness is also very good, particularly as the Optiforce seems to have a relatively compact face for the head size.

The Callaway FT Optiforce driver is designed for speed and follows the fairly simple tenet that if you make a clubhead lighter, more aerodynamic and add a longer shaft to it you will increase the clubhead speed to give greater ball speed at impact resulting in more distance.

Write your review You must enter a review ft optiforce 460cc between and characters. All adjustable drivers come with a round grip so you ft optiforce 460cc rotate the shaft and it feels ok, but the fact you can rotate both rings on the Optiforce means you can fit a more traditional grip on the club and ensure that it feels the same and the grip lines are in the right place however you adjust it.


So there you have it, the latest driver from Callaway Golf. There are no fh here and the adjustability mechanism is simple to use. There are small aerodynamic ‘slots’ in white down each side of what is otherwise a very sleek and smooth looking head with a classy, no-nonsense design. Add to that two lie settings, Neutral or standard and Draw or uprightand you have 8 different settings to find the best ft optiforce 460cc flight for your swing.

The other is the Titleist Dwhich has one ring for loft and one for lie. Both heads feature a contoured sole that is there to channel the air around the club as it moves through the air. It is optiforc lighter.

Manufactured by Grafalloy, the Project X Velocity weighing just 43g, is a slightly modified version stronger in the ft optiforce 460cc of the Project X Velocity 39g shaft that the company has been promoting on Tour. On the cc head the optirorce line around the back of the sole is red, but it is the same feature.

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver Review

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The cc head is compact, and simple yet classic in design. My only real criticism is trying to obtain an instruction manual for the corresponding cogs for the hosel.

It certainly feels light in your hands. The titanium face is engineered to save weight, optimise the centre of gravity and create a longer, more consistent ball ft optiforce 460cc.