I loaded up the Windows software it comes with, and got this information: I got as far as to write a kernel patch, but it has never been tested and is therefore almost certainly buggy. The Windows operating system requires that you install drivers for the camera so that the camera and computer can communicate properly. Understandably, this does not work if the photos are in the camera’s internal storage. Anyway, his camera uses a rather weird proprietary bastardization of the USB Mass Storage Bulk Transport protocol, and in addition the photos are compressed. This has nothing to do with any device-specific driver needs, or lack thereof.

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Using flatfoto photo album as twain driver – Radio Shack FLATFOTO B-020405 User Manual

Page of 29 Fpatfoto. Only the name has remained the same. So I guess we are even. Logs, Could you make just one log so we can make sure they did not pull a sneako on us?

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Installing the software also installs the necessary drivers for the camera to be able to communicate with your computer. Both Dave Close and I have verified that the pv2devkit will successfully create the finished photos from his raw photos.

Wednesday, January 25, Data received from camera 02 04 00 00 00 15 00 02 80 43 04 00 00 00 0f 00 Response same for every command, except bytes 5 – 8 agree with bytes 5 – 8 of the command, to make sure this response goes with this command; here, bytes are a sequential numbering, which does not violate the Bulk Transport spec but is also not required by it 4c 61 4d 53 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 The response in this case flayfoto “success.


Probably better now to start up with Plan B, which ought to be done in any case Besides, my own little projects compile much faster when Linux runs native, rather than in VMware under Windows.

gphoto-devel – Radioshack Flatfoto camera, how to make work?

Page 22 You will be prompted to enter a destination directory. On a full charge, the camera will take hundreds of images with the flash or over one thousand images without the flash. If your flatftoo is the same, then I probably have enough information flatvoto already to get started again. Re-starting your computer is recommended. Looks like it is the same camera. Setting key ‘model’ to value ‘Radioshack Flatfoto gphoto2 0. To find out more about Photo Impression 4.


Enter administrator name and password. But it’d definitely be nice to get it going in Linux. Host is Debian 3. Dave has lots of snoops of the foatfoto on his website and some sample photos, and he sent me a raw file a few months ago and I was able to create a finished photo from it.


Note that SMaL read backwards is 4c 61 4d How to Hold the Camera Correctly If there are no big changes, then I don’t need to see the log in order to get started. Place the front cover on making sure to feed the trigger wires through the top hole. Modifying or tampering with the camera’s internal components can cause a malfunction and might invalidate its warranty and void your FCC authorization to operate it.

Setting timeout to millisecond s If data was supposed to be sent or received, then the response is after that. Marcus, if you want in, this one will be fun.

All commands use a bulk pipe. Auth with social network: Reprinted with permission from.

The 0x80 means from the camera and would be something else if the direction is to the camera I forget what, but it is identical to the standard. To find out more about Photo Base4. Enter text from picture: Page 24 Click OK.