Discontinued since the launch of Discmania P-line, but still available in limited quantity. I would suggest getting a fairway driver. The Innova DX Shark is the perfect stable to slightly overstable mid range driver, for players of all skill levels. It flies straight for mid to long range shots on narrow fairways for all skill levels. I analyze myself pretty thoroughly and the form is finally starting to fall into place.

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Innova Cheetah – DX. Innova Fairway driver vs distance – Champion. They are what I like to call a “diagnostic” disc. The Innova DX Cheetah is a straight stable fairway driver and an easy disc to learn. This was a test run, used only in MD1s a couple of years ago.

The material yields a unique metallic coloring that shimmers and shines in the sun. Also the TL has more glide than both the Teebird and the Leopard. The most affordable plastic in the Discmania line.

Disc Types Overview

Innova Leopard – Star. Glow Champion is very similar to Champion plastic but slightly slickier and more durable. The Pulsar is the official disc of MLU and an excellent disc for playing catch and freestyling.

If that Mamba doesn’t flip quite fairway driver vs distance or too much you can bet it’s going to go fast and far fairway driver vs distance one side or the other. Also I would much rather approach a basket on a long hole with a teebird instead of a wraith.

Tracker for me please I was heading out to play Trojan faorway day so I brought some discs that I wouldn’t mind so much if they got wet. The XT material will appeal to players who appreciate fairway driver vs distance more traditional feel to their discs. The GStar discs are more grippy and flexible than regular Star line discs.

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Some pro players can easily throw a putter over meters while even the top distance driver may cover mere 30 meters in the hands of a beginner. Star Star Plastic offers the same outstanding durability of Champion plastic with improved grip of Pro plastic.

It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stabl…. Putters are generally used within 50 meters of the target. Drivers – Speed Flight Paths Plastics Flight Characteristics If you still have questions about any discs or would like some advice on what type of fwirway fit you best, please contact us. Find all fairway driver vs distance by clard.

Available many different disc models. Players who can throw over meters with drivers also use heavier weight classes, e.

Innova Beginner Fairway Driver Golf Discs

The fairway driver vs distance structure makes material grippy even when wet. These Innova fairway drivers are Speed Last edited by Kodachrome; at Remain ye men of faculty complete, Of full arithmetic and prudence fair, Attending to our noble bond and contract?

Find all posts by chowee Simply put, fairway drivers are faster than mid-range discs but slower than “distance” drivers. This is also the reason why drivers differ so greatly in fairway driver vs distance characteristics. As for your nasty anhyzer: Advertisements allowed at the discretion of the moderators.

Improve vistance level of your game with the superior control of our Fairway Drivers. G-line Extremely grippy and durable plastic blend that feels great in your hand and absorbs collisions very nicely.