Remove the battery compartment cover, located at the back of the unit. Validity of specifications depends on operating conditions. Four external antennas, 2. To free memory, you must delete all data at once. If you want to view or change the fiber ID before saving:

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Page 3 Contents Certification Information If necessary, perform an offset nulling see Nulling Electrical Offsets on page Insert the mechanical into the optical adapter, and push the outer shell into the cleaner. Your unit has been designed not to require offset nulling under normal operation, but you should perform it whenever environmental conditions change significantly or when measuring very low power values.

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Clear all digits by holding down for a few seconds. It fpm-60 your mobile connection stable and reliable, improves wifi etc. You should change the CF after performing an offset nulling. Invisible laser radiation may be encountered at the output port. Flipping the unit, battery-side down, will ease removal. The first digit of the CF blinks.


Press to activate each available source in turn, including the VFL. To clean fixed connectors: The price of the device is low as flm-600 needs some repair work.

EXFO FPM-600 Power Meter with memory

Put aside the old battery. The charge status is shown on the unit display lower left corner. Support personnel will determine if the equipment requires service, repair, or calibration. Select the cable in which you want to delete saved data by using and to move forward or backward.

Once you have pressed the button, you must wait until the Store indicator on-screen disappears before disconnecting the power meter or light source to test the next fiber or DUT. The Recall indicator is displayed with the last cable name, then the last saved value and its fiber ID. The following steps are recommended to minimize the possibility of damage: Tuimeldroer droer Whirlpool en wasmajien R From normal operating mode, press SRC.

Troubleshooting Transportation Transportation Maintain a temperature range within specifications when transporting the unit. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, be it electronically, mechanically, or by any other means such as photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of EXFO Inc.


Moisten a cleaning tip 2.

FPM | Power Meters | CWDM Measurement | LAN Certification

You must set a reference value separately for each wavelength. It transmits with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, so that any compatible unit—such as another FOT Optical Loss Test Set—can automatically use the fpm-6000 calibration parameters.

Maintenance Cleaning Fixed Connectors 5. The first digit of the threshold 6b.

A green border around the baseplate indicates that it is for APC-type connectors. Get More For Less. A technician had a look at the device and need to replace the psu, that could be arranged but The keypad buttons will also light for about 10 seconds.

From normal operating mode, hold down for a few exfp.