It seems to work in the other driver types used. The main Prob is the same code is running on one system If you manage to accumulate more than 25 of these, eDirectory 25 is hard coded into eDirectory will decide it needs an index and it will add a value index, of type System, which means you cannot ever delete it off that sever. Active Sessions 28 Uptime 40d, 14h 36m 59s Number of pages It could earn you a nano!

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Both of these will cause the kind of error seen in this TID. Printer driver deleted immediately after printer driver installation by remote printer management 2 I have a Windows Pro SP4 with Novell Client 4. This error indicates that you do not have a DSN defined on the machine -or- that the application is 16 bit and much of the 16 bit support has been dropped in Win2k Then I check to see if groups exist durxml “One”, “Two” or “Three”, and I create the groups if necessary.

Even if you cleared the object I think you still cannot get rid of the index.

An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Heck, you can use an eDir driver to do loopback — so really, the fact that Novell named a driver for this is part of the issue.


Can’t read DirXML-EntitlementRef in LoopBack driver

It could earn you a nano! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The offset can difxml specified as any integer number of one of the following:. You could have the Subscriber channel of the Work Order driver event on changes in the vault, and make the DirXML-WorkOrder objects itself, when the conditions are right. We would list all those whom looopback helped, but we are sure we would leave too many people out.

This example works specifically for the Publisher channel because the format of the destination dn is suitable for the target destination – eDirectory. DriversIdentity Manager. Join Date May Posts I often define my own attribute of DN syntax to carry this information. Since you are working in the same tree, there’s no need to automatically synchronize the attributes you would get in to a circular loop doing that.

You may also be Interested in ConvCase. For those still stuck in XSL: This means that data flows into this driver from eDirectory. Tags for this Thread dirxml-entitlementrefloopback.

As a subtle point the driver does actually event on the Subscriber channel for DirXML-WorkOrder creates and if DirXML-nwoSendToPublisher is set to true, then the create event for the work order will cause the Publisher channel to process it even if it is not really due and create a Work To Do if appropriate, or at least try.


Ldapwiki: DirXML Driver

Much of it has to do with there being little to no limits on how you might use it. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: The Remote Loader is typically used loopbqck a requirement of the driver shim is not met by the Identity Manager server. See our new home at SUSE. Site Maintained By -jim.

Loopback Driver & Code(-9024) Unable to read current state of .

A driver loopack a data sharing policy for a connected system. The intent is to block object creation until the required attributes are present, thus making it a good candidate for use in the Creation policy set. What other neat things can you think of to do with this driver? See related articles to this posting.

Novell is now a part of Micro Focus. This is when a successfully processed Work Order would normally be deleted. Thank you Father Ramon. Conclusion You can add a condition on the above rule, so that only users with a source-dn in the subtree you care about will be watched for.