The navigation device displays the selected location as a starting point only for a few seconds before returning you to your current location. Address Modes Address Modes You can define the information used to locate an address by tapping the Mode button. Volume Settings Volume Settings Figure 38 – Volume Settings This screen lets you change the volume level for voice prompts and tap sounds. Daewoo Daewoo Washer Auto Washer. Page 57 Importing a.

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Show all user manuals Daewoo from the Computer Monitor category. When the alert is set, Destinator reminds you about these places when you come within close proximity to them.


Daewoo DV – Figure 13 – Create Favorites Group The icon identifies all destinations located in that group, as displayed on the map.

You can also use the scroll bar to zoom in or out. Notices, Disclaimers, and Terms of Use 1. Click this button to center the map daeeoo the selected point.

Show all user manuals Daewoo from the VCR category. User manual Daewoo DV-K Take your unit with you or remove it from view of avoid theft. Options Menu This menu provides the following options: The GPS bar is a toggle button that displays the remaining travel distance and travel time, estimated time of arrival, and speed and altitude, and street name and address number.


Getting Started The generated route.

Daewoo DPN-3500 Manuals

Turn-by-Turn List After you have entered a destination and calculated a route, the Directions bar appears at the bottom of the Map screen, displaying the following information: It takes 4 hours to complete charge the battery. User manual Daewoo DV – This updates the Installed Map pane.

Your Destinator device provides a full-featured mobile satellite navigation system. Delete Group Select a group and tap this button to remove the group from the Avoid Roads screen.

When selecting a group route, dqewoo can tap the Allow all roads located in the group. Show all user manuals Daewoo from the Automobile Parts category.

User manual Daewoo XGV. Destinator ND Features Destinator provides the following features for easy navigation: This section provides information about installing additional maps from the Destinator ND Console.

Daewoo Daewoo Washer Auto Washer.

Click this button to delete the selected point. Menus You can press the Menu menus, as shown below. DPN is normally charged whenever it is plugged into your car when using the supplied car charger, refer on page 8.


Daewoo user manuals – – Solve your problem

These icons display your power source, electricity or red depending on whether the battery is recharged or weak. You can also use the scroll.

Show all user manuals Daewoo from the Refrigerator category. User manual Daewoo 20Q2. What can I do if the car charger no longer seems to work? Memory card SD card. When you have selected your focus dp-n3500 using the focus tools, as described below, click the Crop tool to designate an area on the standard map.

When you have calculated a route, the Directions bar displays information about your next turn.