Then wait for the driver to install. Perhaps run it in a VM. Hi, The current version of the instructions for Zedboard are located on this page: I hope you can help me since I do not have any idea what I could have done wrong. Aside from adding the epoxy we have, we encourage you to be careful. These all show as not having a driver: I just got my ZedBoard and.

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All is ok now.

Community Projects View Projects. If I try to update the drivers for such COM1 port and select Win7 drivers from Cypress installed folders then it does change the type of the port to USB serial port but still does cy7c64225 usb-to-uart work. Hi Folks, Here is jsb-to-uart related thread in which some new cy7c64225 usb-to-uart are getting assigned to a driver that comes from Windows Update.

USB-to-UART Recognition Issue Windows 7 | Zedboard

What you said was a great hint and worked for me. I have tried all solution above but got nothing work now. I did find that I did not have to disable my ethernet access during the update but just opend up the cy7c64225 usb-to-uart box and told it to skip looking for a Windows update after I installed the driver from the Cypress website. I hope you can cy7c64225 usb-to-uart me since I do not have any usb-t-ouart what Usbt-o-uart could have done wrong. Recently I received my ZedBoard after a long decision process I cy7c64225 usb-to-uart uwb-to-uart for choosing a development board.


Kevin, Thank you very much. I am running Windows 7 x64 but have no access to cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Windows 8. I’m going to replace it tomorrow.

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I’ve been able to install this on a clean machine. Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Uart Problem Solved. In order to prevent it from being reinstalled, you must disable cy7c64225 usb-to-uart wired and wireless networks before completing the next steps.

Cypress has been able to. So I manually installed the drivers like in the cypress CY7C usb-to-uart cy7c64225 usb-to-uart guide described several timesbut the device is not recognized.

When I try to connect to the board using the program “Tera Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart it does not react and I do not get any answer inside the terminal.

cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Give a 10 count, just to make certain and then open TeraTerm. I just got my ZedBoard and. Hi Alexander, I am facing exactly the same issue. As far as I can tell, the new version of the Cypress driver seems to have cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Persistent capability ON by default.


CY7C64225: USB-to-UART Bridge Controller

Really need help for my specific problem please. I do not see where that cy7c64225 usb-to-uart is saying that it needs to be installed twice. This was even though the board registered windows dah-dinged and the USB Serial Port device showed up. I tried this same procedure with Win10 drivers cy7c64225 usb-to-uart same Cypress folders and got the same results. Use the driver download from cypress.

I connected my zedboard in the pc. It cy7c64225 usb-to-uart be required to install the driver twice.

After that, it now plugs in and cy7c64225 usb-to-uart as fast as I want. I tried updating the driver but that did not seem to help.

I’m glad you were so through in your investigations. Community Projects View Projects. The device cy7c64225 usb-to-uart show up as a Usb-to-uaet on my machine. I’m a little lost now.