The new driver is here: Ionut March 12, at 7: Looks like the updated version from their site works now as is. Fed October 1, at 7: DanielPt November 26, chserr chser Thankfully, Adrian Mihalko patched the driver, and made it available to the public. Frank August 29, at 5: Nuno April 7, at

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CH340G converter Windows 7 driver download

I cant get it to work at all. It is because the driver is not signed properly from Apple’s perspective. DrAzzy on Apr 29, Once you remove the old driver windows may install this driver for you. Below you’ll find links to drivers for both Windows and Mac to make these work.

As soon as I had retraced my steps all the way back to the start and Identified the WCHG chip is used for the comms I was straight onto this web page and downloaded the driver software. AVRawat November 4, at 9: Thank you so much! Ch340eer bien con este driver. Santor January 18, at 7: You should add components slowly to the ESP one additional circuit at a time so you know where to look should the ESP suddenly stop working.


Dyson August 9, at 4: All of them were expensive! Gabriel April 19, at 6: Works like a charm.

CHG converter Windows 7 driver download |

Allan August 2, at 1: Nicomaco August 14, at 7: My ports are USB 3. Does linux need this driver too?

I am using a USB cable from a cannon camera that I bought in Peeps — make sure the device is plugged into your computer when you install the driver or it will fail. Did not work for me using Windows 10 32 bit: ZIP KB cached locally, but for other platforms, please checkout their website.

Driver install failure es por que se trata de instalar para 32 bits cuando tiene que ser para x64 es importante que primero conecte la placa al puerto USB. Hi thanks for your answer.

Chuxxsss November 23, at 8: Nik October fh340ser, at 4: And with the manual chser i get: Migel March 5, at 5: Was a bit dubious of the installer with it being largely in Chinese but who care if it works! Santiago February 10, at 8: It is possible that something is wrong in the settings of Windows 10 ow with the disk.


CH340 Windows 8 driver download

Updated Nov, with the latest driver for OS-X High Sierra Updated Oct, with the new signed driver for OS-X Sierra Updated Nov 22, with the new signed driver for OS-X El Capitan and Yosemite Updated Jan 9, with Windows Drivers My golden rule is that if something took me longer than 15 minutes to figure out, then it’s worth documenting in a tiny blog post so that it would save time to others, just like many other similar posts saved me million hours by providing simple clear instructions.

Chris Leech November 30, at 9: I run Windows 7 64 bit and was trying for 5 hours embarrassingly so to communicate with an Arduino Nano V3. Tsozo Evarice April 3, at 3: