November 15, at 1: SQLServerDriver include the driver jar on the buildpath ;. And i have service pack2. I’m trying to connect with the following program. There are three classloaders in every application. In web containers, each application also gets a fourth classloader for the classes contained within the application directory.

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Its very hard to consistently replicate, but we have received it from 5 of the past 20 stress tests. Although every time I make a call to the SQL server it take over 30 seconds ro get a responce.

Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The error is in your JDBC path. My JDBC is erroring. There are a number of reasons why the Tomcat window will start up and close itself, the most common of which is something else is already using portwhich is what the Tomcat port is set to by default. Error Trace in getConnection: July 13, at Post as a guest Name.



October 26, at 2: It was the problem with my IP address. Don’t ask too specific questions about sqlserver. I am using jdbc type 4 driver for sql server com.

I will check into it. Update I downloaded the sqljdbc I reinstalled every from scratch. And this is not what you expect. SQL Authentication is mixed mode.

You mentioned that you have all the classpath set correctly. Thanks for your help! I use tomcat bundle 4. SQLServerDialect if it were spring project, is connected to a file application.

This particular class “com. It’s very simple to test: Also, the Eclipse IDE can see the driver: Any experiences similar to this? Hibernate is just using it, so if it doesn’t work, Hibernate can’t work. Edited 5 Years Ago by parsifal.

Then download the sql scripts for liferay: I have populated the database using the create-sql-server. December 12, at 8: Furthermore, in the Tomcat application directory lib folder I have also placed a copy of sqljdbc You b be a registered user to add a comment.


My question is simple July 15, at 9: