Tualatin chips run cool. But the only chipset supporting this processor is i B-step, which you will hardly refer to the server platform because of its well-known restrictions. Found one on fleabay and bought it. You don’t need anything fancy. So far, I am quite pleased. The performance shown by the processor is higher in some applications at the expense of a new fab process.

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The obsolescent core and a 0. Old motherboards do not support Tualatin, and the tuls2 will work only on a mainboard based on the i B-step with FC-PGA2 connector. The BIOS is based on the 6.

i815 B-Step Tualatin Motherboard Roundup – July 2001

It implements scripts in different software products and measures time of test implementation. Most directx 8 games didn’t need more than MB. Video 3Digests Video cards: No, the matter is not in the processor. Write a comment below. Highly recommended if you don’t need ISA.

Windows Professional SP2. Besides, in the new version applications are started not successively but simultaneously, like in real conditions, and during the test they are switching from one to another.


The only downside of asuw thing was that the USB controller had some issue that made USB usage a pain especially my scanner ha problems all the time.

The overclocked Tualatin wins from the PentiumIII by a great margin, but when at the same frequency, it shows just a bit better score.

Board index All times are UTC. In general, the board is reliable, with a lot of possibilities in adjusting different features. It has always seemed extremely fast in saus, faster than even my long-gone P4 NetBurst 2.

Tualatin chips run cool. But the increased overclocking potential doesn’t axus much f servers where Intel positions the Tualatin. However, if we take the desktop version, the situation will be reverse – while the L2 cache’s size is not of great interest, its overclockability plays an important role. No modifications for MHz are planned to be released.

But the only chipset supporting this processor is i B-step, which you will hardly refer to the server platform because of its well-known restrictions. Nowadays, I pretty much use it as my DirectX 8 rig. I was thinking about throwing the board into the garbage can and get something recent, but i guess after reading this i’ll keep it and maybe build a retro machine. Ridiculous considering BX can do 1GB.


ASUS TUSL2-C, Socket , Intel Motherboard | eBay

The mobile version of the Tualatin shines at the expense of a renewed SpeedStep. Users browsing this forum: At X all parameters were set to the maximum.

It’s just disgusting to see Intel manipulate things like that. A power supply connector, CD-in and Aux-in are located not very good.

I don’t use it that much, anymore, but I can’t bear to part with it either. Tual2 latter two are located in front of PCI slots.

So far, I am quite pleased. My Mhz had the cooler already attached, so i never had to fiddle with x. First of all, with the 0. But it can be changed from 3.