If we have a complaint it’s that the backlight is a little patchy in places, which shows up on an all-white screen. It’s a slight hinge with very limited movement, onto which you screw the stand. So let’s grab a look. Here the stand is mounted, with the stabilising triangle. If you run into any problems, just drop us a message on the forums. The mounting point for the stand is extremely simple. We found Standard mode was the best compromise for most uses, including photo editing.

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The body itself is extremely thin, with the trade-off being a small external power supply, hardly a major sticking asus ms236h with looks like this. The front is all-black with just a hint of the white rear framing the outside. I suppose Asus ms236h can’t judge the monitor without seeing it in person but I’m not certain that it’s thin and minimalistic design offsets its shortcomings.

ASUS MSH 23″ Widescreen LED LCD Monitor | eBay

Next to the power button are five white circles. It’s a little unresponsive, which made early tweaks frustrating, but once you’ve got that process out of the way the vanishing controls help keep the clean look far better than asus ms236h set of buttons would. You can tilt asus ms236h back slightly on the sprung stand, ,s236h you can’t have it sitting perpendicular to the desk.

Here the stand is mounted, with the stabilising triangle. As stands go it’s as minimal as can be, yet it works beautifully and takes up a mere mm or so of the depth of your desk. And here is the stand asus ms236h.


Asus MS236H review

To ensure the monitor is kept as thin as possible, asus ms236h More specifically the stand itself, and the buttons. David Bayon 12 Mar It consists of two parts the main ring itself and the clear triangle that allows it to remain planted hopefully. It’s quite a contrast, but white is popular these days so maybe you’ll like it. It’s asus ms236h often a monitor can claim to look as desirable from behind as it does from the front, asus ms236h the Asus MSH almost looks like two different devices.

The only features are an Asus logo beneath the left of the screen and a circular power button to the right, but a touch-sensitive control panel glows into life when pressed. So let’s grab a look. Specifications 23in screen size, 1,x1, resolution, DVI: From left to right we have the display asus ms236h, contrast, menu, brightness and input.

Switching to Theatre mode solved that, with much deeper blacks and asus ms236h better contrast throughout our tests – we’d leave it in that mode at all times for best asus ms236h.

We did need to make some asus ms236h out of the box, though. Firstly the contents of the box are all you’d expect.

The rear of the MSH, unlike the piano black front, is very white indeed. Apparently asus ms236h hinge contains the “ASUS-exclusive Ergo-Fit Technology, which allows for easy tilting adjustment with just one finger”. This is fine if you’re planning on using asus ms236h as a second screen for a laptop, but as a main PC monitor, you may find that it’s too low.


Unless you’re won over by the looks and don’t mind the high pricethe Philips is the better choice for anyone wanting a 23in full HD asus ms236h. However, reasonable isn’t good enough for a monitor that costs this much. If we have a complaint it’s that the backlight is a little patchy in places, which shows up on an all-white screen. It’s asus ms236h easy to navigate, but as with most asus ms236h controls, they’re not as responsive as proper buttons and, as there’s nothing tactile, you can’t operate them without looking where your fingers are pressing.

Asus MSH review | Alphr

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Using the Standard preset, the black level asus ms236h poor, lending asus ms236h the moodiest colours a pale, washed out tone. All the adjustments you’d expect are present including colour temperature with sRGB and red, green and blue controls xsus, image presets and the ability to enable and disable dynamic contrast ratio. The mounting point for the stand is extremely simple.

asus ms236h Another case of form over function are the touch-sensitive controls. Not a huge fan of anything about that screen other than its a p asus ms236h inch widescreen, good review tho. Asus’ latest monitor is a 23in Full HD model, which is just