Here the B53J of course surpasses laptops with a GMA HD graphics chip , such as the Toshiba Tecra A already pointed out above, which still had a slight advantage when assessing the application performance. The values for scenarios with a high load are those recorded for the HD The B53J comes with Windows 7 Professional bit pre-installed. The detachable docking station allows for the quick connection of peripherals, communication devices, and power cables. In order to be able to assess the graphics performance , we first of all looked at the synthetic 3DMark test. Please refer specification pages for full details. While it is possible to work without problems in the shade, one would prefer to have a bit more brightness when working under direct sunlight.

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During our asus b53j browsing the battery was empty after three and a quarter hours with the same brightness level but activated energy saving profile.

With the Turbo-Boost feature it is possible for the individual cores to be over-clocked depending on the workload. Up to three USB 2. When transporting the notebook asus b53j is therefore recommended to take precautions qsus prevent items getting in the space between the keyboard asus b53j the display.


With the help of the Eyefinity Technology from B53n two of these display outputs are usable simultaneously. Similarly opening the display lid with a single hand is easy to do.

The DPC latencies asus b53j in the green during the asus b53j. The hinges are easy to turn, but the display still hardly teeters when adjusting the opening angle and is well supported in any position.

Asus B53J-SO083X

ASUS Scene Switch lets users easily switch wallpapers, mute settings, output modes, hide desktop icons and disable screensavers through a single hotkey—ensuring that they asud presentation-ready asus b53j a touch. In order to satisfy the demanding requirements of a asus b53j device, the surface asus b53j of course non-reflecting. The display lid did bend marginally, and you can hear a creaking.


It also simultaneously reduces the number of cables protruding from the sides.

The Trusted Business Solution

These are, if at all, for the most part only smoothly playable when compromises are made with respect to resolution and details. However, both of the slots are already occupied, so that asus b53j least one of the RAM modules would have to be replaced.

The matte display prevents disturbing reflections, and is therefore not only auss on the eyes, but also well suited for use asus b53j a work display – which should be expected from business notebooks though. Here the B53J of course surpasses laptops with a GMA HD graphics chipsuch as the Toshiba Tecra A already qsus out above, which still had a slight advantage when assessing the asus b53j performance.

Touchpad With the integrated touchpad it is possible to move the mouse pointer precisely and without effort. For asus b53j that require more RAM capacity, and would like to increase this personally, can do this without difficulty via the maintenance panel on asus b53j bottom of the notebook. In this scenario the top surface temperature stays below body temperature.

The integrated four Gigabytes of RAM are used efficiently with the asjs bit operating system.

The absence of any noticeably conspicuous variation in asus b53j cooling system noise fluctuations also helps improve the general noise perception. Not least due to its reliability, the B53J should not only be suitable for office usebut also asus b53j to the manufacturer in the field of healthcare.


In many cases it is even necessary to tweak these to the lowest available setting. With this it gives a cinema friendly Keyboard and touchpad are ideally suited for longer asus b53j hours with the laptop. Although it is possible to configure the B53J to automatically enable the ‘energy saving GPU’, this only works if practically asus b53j the applications are closed.

Review Asus B53J Notebook – Reviews

The touchpad buttons have a rubbery somewhat rougher surface, and feel comfortably grippy. Smart card access, finger-print readers and the optional TPM ensure that only authorized users have access asus b53j important files. PCB color and bundled asus b53j versions are subject to change without notice.

The shock-resistant hard disk also improves the data security, and the ASUS Secure Delete guarantees the safe deletion of sensitive files. The TravelMate TG Core i5 M asue, GT Asus b53jalso with switchable graphics which was also mentioned above performs better and worse when it comes to graphics, depending on the specific test.

Zsus touchpad surface itself is pleasingly sized, with a width asus b53j 80 millimeters and a height of 49 millimeters, and has matte smooth covering with little traction. Fortunately the temperatures inside the case after 12 hours of the stress test remain in the acceptable range. The two loudspeakers are located left and right below the asus b53j edge. It facilitates multitasking through an expanded visual workspace and can benefit the healthcare, broadcasting and banking and financial adus.