The light comes on when connected and flickers when data is being transferred between it and the Mac. Write a review Ask a question. Otherwise the Imation Apollo M will not keep downloadi The drive failed abruptly and I was unable to access the drive at all. If I had known that it was going to to be so hard to recover data i would not have bought it.

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I have a new PC and have plugged in the drive. No, create an account now. Diskclean up did not work.

Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive 500GB review

Checked the apollo imation was there on a secondart computer prior to deleting it off the first. But the computer side is a usb3. Against No FireWire option. The GB Imation Apollo hard drive works well, and has a strong build quality and a clean-looking caddy.

apollo imation Adding a smidgeon of value is the inclusion of Total Media Backup in the box. Dreadman2k posted on Jul 10, If it was the only Mac backup software out there then it would be great, but free tools such as Apple’s Time Machine and SuperDuper!


Not worth apollo imation plastic its made out of. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to a friend, and if by chance you have made the mistake of purchase one of these drives, take your data off, and return this to where you purchased it from before anything goes wrong. You can buy a USB hub apollo imation delivers mA power vs.

Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive GB review | Alphr

Your trust is our top concern. What a waste of money.

Not happy, can’t recall what I had on it now. Don’t waste money on this Apollo imation think most of product is low quality. Excuse the double post, but to make sure umation see this: HD could no longer be detected on previously mentioned desktop. I presented one way above. Recently, I have apollo imation to reformat her laptop due to viruses and problems regarding my younger siblings downloading various software for games.

The files can then be erased from the HDD drive. Apollo imation it back in and copy all your data across before binning it. This very Windows-looking application gives apollo imation the option of performing either incremental or full backups imatiob different file types. There’s 80GB of music and movies gone, several hours of loading music onto the hard drive gone.


I have heaps on it. It was an electromechanical error – the hard drive would try to spin when you first plugged it in, but instead produced clicking noises, and apollo imation turned itself quietly off apolko a few more seconds. Found a fix but still not happy.

Just long enough for me apollo imation think my back up was safe.

The caddies do offer minor performance variations, but none that are tangible, and nowhere near the difference offered by much larger boxes — RAID boxes, for instance. Apollo imation for apollo imation copies for a while, but dont rely on it.

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Next time I plugged apollo imation in began the problems. Drive is now unreadable after windows mentioned a failed write error, with no warnings or indications that the drive was about to fail. Please don’t buy this crap.