Slot 1 Computer Motherboard. The results speak for themselves. Even maneuvering through the BIOS looks slow! Note that the hard drive used in the benchmarks was only a UDMA33 hard disk. No ratings or reviews yet. Test Configuration Processor s:

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To guarantee a tightly integrated system, combine an AOpen motherboard with any one of its barebone cases and your favorite peripherals. Overall Rating Out aopeb a maximum of 5 Star. This division produces far better products than Acer itself and also does its own research for new innovations not that Acer isn’t good but AOpen still does it po.

This is indeed very puzzling to me. You can resume your original work directly from hard disk without go through the Win95 booting process and run your application again. The results are very similar for Bump-Mapping Emboss in terms of difference between the both motherboards. Since Acer is such a large company, they have a sister-company called AOpen, which stands for Acer-Open division now you know why it’s called AOpen?

Have a look at Jackie’s trip to Taiwan, where he visited the AOpen factory lots of interesting pictures await you! Suspend to Hard Drive saves your current work system status, memory image into hard aax63.

AX63 Pro AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

The results are very similar for all other texture sizes in terms of differnce between the both motherboards. They also manufacture lots of other peripherals and are the 2nd largest motherboard manufacturer in the world. Even maneuvering through the BIOS looks slow! Somehow, VIA still have yet to properly tune their bus mastering drivers. Note that the hard drive used in the benchmarks was only a UDMA33 hard disk.


This depends more on the video-card and cpu-speed. Whatever you choose to run the different busses, the memory bus can be kicked up or down by 33Mhz from your current FSB.

The correct way to go about implementing this feature is clearly described in PDF-format manual.

I’m really curious what made AOpen put the floppy connector in such an awkward position. Be the first to write a review. I think we will just have to wait and see.

So long the power is connected to your motherboard, it will sustain the information.

The results speak for themselves. What we see was a very slight performance drop using the new drivers. But if you are dying to get your hands on a PC chipset with UDMA66 capability, then I guess this board is something that you could consider.

Otherwise, your existing BX motherboard would have been more than suffice your computing needs, since we see very little difference between the Apollo Pro and Intel BX chipsets at MHz operation. This is set in the Bios under the Chipset-section. Alternatively, you still have the Auto selection jumper setting too. Over time, AOpen has built itself a nice reputation of the most stable and well performing motherboards in the industry.


Ppro ATX back-panel is colour-coded according to the PC99 specification for easy identification and plugging in of connectors. The floppy connector is placed right at the back of the Slot-1, the traditional place where AOpen places the floppy and power-supply connectors but at least the big power connector is moved up front but the floppy connector still remains there.

AOpen AX63 Pro – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – Pro133A

If this is a board aimed at overclockers, what happened to the 3rd fan-connector? The given CD comes with these software: I’ve included here, the info from the manual: Maybe a newer BIOS or drivers could iron some kinks out.

Windows 98 2nd Edition Firstly, let me say that overclocking the Pentium II was very easy with this board. A normal motherboard booklet like the ones bundled with older AOpen motherboards would have been very useful.