For detailed information about configuration, please see 4. These settings will become effective immediately after clicking Apply. The fields with red asterisks are required to be filled in. Use any IP address to connect to the system. Choose Template Page to make a customized logout success page here.

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Administrators can get a complete report or a report of a particular period. Since the history is saved in the SDRAM, if you need to restart the system and also keep the history, then please manually copy and save the information before restarting.

Please refer to the following description for these blanks: The report tells the total expenses and individual accounting of each plan for all plans available for that period of wias-1200b.

Click Run Wizard to begin the Configuration Wizard. Users can use any IP address to connect to the system. Net This section is to show independent Hotspot owners how to configure related settings in order to accept credit card payments via Authorize.

Please enter the current password and then enter the new password twice to verify. If the eias-1200g wants the system to automatically send out the history to a particular email address, please enter the related information in these fields. It is case sensitive, must not exceed 32 characters and may be any character on the keyboard.


AirLive WIASG User Manual | Page 62 / | Original mode

Choose Template Page to make a customized logout success page here. Click Reset to load the factory default settings of AirLive Click Apply to save the settings. The whole managed network includes the cable network users and the wireless network users. By default, the On-demand user database is empty.

AirLive WIAS-1200G User Manual

The IP address of the wireless port. An invoice number may be provided as additional information against a transaction.

Add User A new user can be a dded to the local user data base. Choose Uploaded Page and click the Browse button to select the file for the login success page for On-Demand upload.

Although it does not require a username and password for ajrlive connection via the serial port, the same management interface can be accessed via SSH. Up to 20 addresses or domain names of the websites can be defined in this list. The operator can only access the configuration page of Create On-demand User to create and print out the new on-demand user accounts.

After completing and clicking Apply to save the settings, go back to the previous page to choose a server to be the default server and enable or disable any server on the list. Web Interface Configuration This chapter will guide you through further detailed settings. Page 25 An authentication method has to be selected from one of the five options appeared in this window Local User is selected for this example.


The unit of data transfer is byte. Page After completing the hardware installation and successfully logging into the wizs-1200g management interface, AirLive WIASG can then be configured from the web browser.

The full web-based management interface allows users to operate and manage the system online via browsers. Enter key to make selection or confirm what you enter. The users can apply their own logout page here.

AirLive WIASG : User guide

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page Now, the basic configuration for SMB environment has been finished! Enter what needs to be shown for this field. This field may contain any format airliive information. There will be 7 steps as listed below: System Concept SSL encrypted web interface.