Bus network is a telecommunications medium to which multiple nodes are attached usually implemented in situations where the distance between all nodes is limited Figure Problems: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. A Home Office Solution What if you have two computers at home and want both to share a printer and a connection to the Internet? Local Area Networks Basic Concept. PBX is an example of star network to p10 to p Chapter Seven Local Area Networks:

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lab A Home Office Solution What if you have two computers at home and want both to share a printer and a connection to the Internet?

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Hybrid Network various network typology discussed are used to combine lxn hybrid network if two or more networks are operated under different protocols, then a gateway device is needed to connect them together Figure to p24 to p8.

All devices, before they transmit, must wait an amount of time called an interframe space IFS Some applications have a short IFS, while others have a long IFS If two applications want to transmit at same time, the application with shorter IFS will go first to p A Home Office Solution continued.

Client radio Usually a PC card with an integrated antenna installed in a laptop or workstation Access point AP An Ethernet port plus a transceiver AP acts as a bridge between the wired and wireless networks and can perform basic routing functions Workstations with client radio cards reside within Basic Service Set, while multiple basic service sets create an Extended Service Set Their standards to p41 to 115-p44 to p Registration Forgot your password?

Objectives Compare client and network operating systems Learn about local area network technologies, including Ethernet, Token. Wired Networks Section C: Logical link control sublayer Medium access ln sublayer Medium access control sublayer defines frame layout and is more closely tied to a specific medium at the physical layer Thus, when people refer to LANs lwn often refer to its MAC sublayer name, such as 10BaseT IEEE Frame Format to p55 to p56 to p2.


Transmission is full-duplex separate transmit and receivethus no collisions Prioritization is possible using Ring Network Associated 15-p444 networks where nodes are relatively close together and each device is connected to the ring Figure signals are passed from one device to another one until destination is reached this network is less subjected to attenuation why?

Star network All circuits radiate from a central node, typically a host computer can be either or both point-to-point or multi-point circuits See Figure Example: Hierarchical network has a tree lzn, with a top node called root node See Figure most likely implemented 15-l44 the lower level nodes at the second or third level of computers transmit is done from bottom node to the root node and vice-versa for replying information to p15 to p Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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Wireless Networks Section D: The Basics”— Presentation transcript: Contention-based protocols Round-robin protocols to p49 to p52 to p2. Mesh network Similar to hierarchical network except there are more interconnections between nodes at different levels In this respect, the higher level of node may not be exited at all See Figure Example: Some types of hardware may not interoperate Just 155-p44 a LAN can support 15p44 different kinds of packages does not mean their data can interchange easily LAN is only as strong as its weakest link, and there are many links p2.

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Some type of SOHO solution might solve this problem Essentially a LAN with a 51-p44 or 3-port hub, connecting cables, and software In some models the hub also acts as a router to the Internet. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. File serving A large storage disk drive acts as a central storage repository Print serving Providing the authorization to access a particular printer, accept and queue print jobs, and providing a user access lah the print queue to perform administrative duties Video transfers High speed LANs are capable of supporting video image and live video transfers Manufacturing support LANs can support manufacturing and industrial environments Academic support In classrooms, labs, and wireless support Interconnection between multiple systems p2.


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If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. A Small Office Solution continued. A Small Office Solution What type of system will interconnect 20 workstations in one room and 15 workstations in another room to a central server, which offers: Network Building Blocks Section B: Another application to p Auth with social network: Thus, if one node fails, potential exits that the entire ring network will be out of service to p8.

Introduction A local area network is a communication network that interconnects a variety of data communicating devices.

Hybrid Network to p9 to p14 to p17 to p19 to p21 to p25 to p2. Local Area Networks Basic Concept. Internal A database that contains all customer information High-quality printer access.